WoodLit Candles is a candle company that makes all-natural, safe 100% soy products.

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Have you ever walked into a candle store and got a headache after being there for only a few minutes? You ever wondered why? It’s because your common candle brands found in most stores are made from paraffin, petroleum, and even soy-paraffin blend waxes with chemical additives and synthetic fragrances. About 90% of candles sold are made from Paraffin wax, because it is cheaper to produce. WoodLit Candles’ ALL NATURAL PAIRINGS ALLEVIATES THIS TYPICAL PROBLEM.

In 2017, founder Joshua Lennon realized how many households were exposed to these kinds of candles and the work on developing a more eco-friendly candle started that same day. He soon realized that other companies that produced healthy alternative candles were quite expensive and unattainable for some consumers. So WoodLit Candles sought out to produce an AFFORDABLE HEALTHIER OPTION FOR ALL TO ENJOY! Here are some of the benefits of our 100% all-natural soy products:

    • Clean Burning– non-toxic, non-pollutant & non-carcinogenic. Producing 95% less soot than paraffin candles; easier on people with allergies and breathing problems.
    • Biodegradable- our wax is made from 100% vegetable by-product, accidental spills are easier to clean up.
    • Longer Lasting– soy wax has a lower melting point, which means it burns at lower degrees allowing you to enjoy your candle for almost twice as long as paraffin wax candle.
    • No lead or zinc cored wicks- all of our wicks are 100% all natural, non-treated wood; produced by The Wooden Wick Co. This produces a beautiful flickering flame with a soft crackling sound.
    • Environmentally friendly- soy and wood are both natural, renewable resources